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There is no better place in the world to have a holiday than South Africa. For independent information, advice and facts about going on holiday to South Africa visit southafricaholiday.org.uk

South Africa Holiday: Home page

Independent information, facts and advice about South Africa for British tourists planning a holiday in the "Rainbow Nation". Everyone who visits South Africa is captivated by this beautiful country.


South Africa Holiday: Blouberg beach: situated across Table Bay from Cape Town and gives the classic view of the city and Table MountainPlaces

Learn about the Provinces and the cities of Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and Kimberley; the wildlife of South Africa's National Parks; the splendour of driving the Garden Route, the Flower Route and the Wine Route; hiking the Otter Trail, and much, much more...

South Africa Holiday: African Fish EagleNature

Find out about South Africa's Big 6 (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, leopard and whale) and the wide variety of birds found only in South Africa (including vultures, eagles and cranes); be intrigued by the unique baobab and halfmens; be amazed by the mountain ranges and deserts, the Savannah, Succulent Karoo and Fynbos, and much, much more...

South Africa Holiday: Xhosa woman smoking a pipeCulture

Who did Rudyard Kipling write his poem "If" about? What are townships and can I visit one? What is the difference between a homestead and a kraal? What is mbaqanga, kwela and kwaito? What are the local foods? What is traditional beer and when is it drunk? Find out about sangomas, traditional healers and muti, and much, much more...

How it is meant to be...

You have not lived until you have experienced a South African thunderstorm, smelt the wet earth in your nostrils, felt the warm drops of rain pelting your skin, and then watched the rainbow from across the plains.
Sipping a new world wine, watching the sun set as you've never seen it before, staying to see the moon rise, for the first time realising just how many stars there are in the endless sky.
A harsh land, an unforgiving land, yes, but most of all, a land that will reward your senses and your soul to an unimaginable degree.
Let South Africa show you life as it began and how it is meant to be...

South Africa Holiday: Traditional dress in South Africa (photo by Duggan-Cronin)History

Who was Shaka Zulu? What did Cecil Rhodes do in Cape Town and Kimberley? Who are the amaXhosa, the amaZulu, the Khoisan and the Afrikaners? What was apartheid and what is the Freedom Charter? Why is South Africa called the Rainbow Nation? Find out how many languages are used in the National Anthem and what they mean, and much, much more...

South Africa Holiday: Wide-open South African skiesTravel tips

How can I fly to and from South Africa? Should I hire a car? Are there any driving tips? What is the climate like? Are the Banks safe and reliable? What you should know about driving and road safety in South Africa, and much, much more...



Take a well-earned break in our highly affordable yet comfortable self-catering chalets in the unique mountain village of Clarens in the eastern Free State.
Situated within the secure and private Larola Chalet complex, Chalet Thabela and Chalet Phomosa are just a short walk from a wide range of galleries, restaurants and curio shops in the village centre.

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