Owls Typical

Cape Eagle Owl
Afrikaans = Kaapse Ooruil
Not easily distinguished from the more common Spotted Eagle Owl. It has brown blotching on the breast forming two distinct dark areas. (h 48-54cm)
Habitat: The Cape Eagle Owl is found in rocky and mountainous terrain. Rarer in the northern parts of South Africa.
Giant Eagle Owl
Afrikaans = Reuse Ooruil
The largest owl in Southern Africa. This and its general grey colouration make it easily identifiable. (h 60-65cm)
Habitat: The Giant Eagle Owl is found in dry, broad-leafed woodland, thornveld and riverine forest areas in the northern central and eastern parts of South Africa.
Marsh Owl
Afrikaans = Vlei-uil
A nondescript medium sized owl with small ear tufts situated above dark brown eyes. When flushed during day-light hours will circle over-head before alighting. (h 36cm)
Habitat: The Marsh Owl is found in marshes and damp grasslands, avoiding thick reed beds. Common throughout the southern and eastern parts of South Africa.
Pearl-spotted Owl
Afrikaans = Witkoluil
The smallest owl of the region. The rounded head with no ear tufts and the white spotting on back and tail distinguish this species from the Scops and Whitefaced owls. (h 18cm)
Habitat: The Pearl-spotted Owl is found primarily a dry thornveld and broad-leafed woodland species. Found in the northern central and eastern parts of South Africa.
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World Owl Trust Birds; Animals; Plants; Sea life.
Barn Owls; Vultures
Kalahari Raptor Route
Scops Owl
Afrikaans = Skopsuil
This small owl could be confused with the Whitefaced Owl because both have ear tufts. The Scops Owl has a grey, not white face, and is considerable smaller and slimmer. A grey phase and a brown phase occur. (h. 20cm)
Habitat: The Scops Owl is found in bushveld and dry open woodland. Common in the northeast.
Spotted Eagle Owl
Afrikaans = Geviekte Ooruil
Grey and rufus colour phases occur. Grey phase is the most common and is distin-guished from the Cape Eagle Owl by being slightly smaller and lack of dark brown breast patches. (h. 43-50cm)
Habitat: The Spotted Eagle Owl frequents a wide range of habitats across South Africa but avoids thick forests.
White-faced Owl
Afrikaans = Witwanguil
The only other small owl with ear tufts is the Scops Owl. This owl has a conspicu-ous white facial disc edged with black, and bright orange eyes. (h. 28 cm)
Habitat: The White-faced Owl is found in thornveld and dry broad-leafed woodland in the northern central and eastern parts of South Africa.
Wood Owl
Afrikaans = Bosuil
This medium sized owl can be identified by its lack of ear tufts, its heavily barred brown underparts and pale, finely barred facial disc with large dark brown eyes. (h. 35cm)
Habitat: The Wood Owl is found in a narrow coastal strip from Cape Town to the Kruger National Park and throughout Limpopo.

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