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  • how to dial from uk to south africa

    Assuming you would like tips on how to dial from the UK to South Africa: There are a few different ways to dial from the UK to South Africa, depending on what phone service you are using. If you are using a landline, you can dial 087124303087, which is the South African country code. Then, […]

  • Baobab

    Baobab tree (Adansonia digitata) is a member of the Bombacaceae family. It was named after the French naturalist and explorer Michel Adanson, who described Adansonia digitata in Senegal in 1750. Other names for the Baobab include Cream of Tartar tree (which can be made from the seeds), the sour gourd tree, the monkey-bread tree (because […]

  • how long to sail from uk to south africa

    The journey from the UK to South Africa is a long but rewarding one, taking in some of the world’s most stunning scenery along the way. The trip can be broken down into a number of stages, depending on your chosen route. The first stage of the journey is from the UK to Portugal, which […]

  • Hiking Trails

    Click here to see a map of the Western Cape Greyton Nature Reserve Trails The Greyton Conservation Society has reintroduced and marked walking paths for the not-so-fit, and hiking trails for the more energetic, in the commonage and Greyton Nature Reserve. The paths are marked. They start and end at the same point, where ample […]

  • how big is south africa compared to england

    South Africa is a vast country with a surface area of 1,221,037 square kilometres. By comparison, the United Kingdom has a surface area of just 243,610 square kilometres. In other words, South Africa is almost five times the size of the UK! Despite its large size, South Africa has a relatively small population of just […]

  • Kwazulu Natal

    KwaZulu-Natal, often referred to as ‘KZN’, is one of nine provinces in South Africa. It was formed after the first free elections in 1994 from the province of Natal and the territories that made up the Bantustan of KwaZulu. It is the traditional home of the amaZulu. KwaZulu-Natal is located on the eastern side of […]

  • how long flight to south africa from uk

    South Africa is a large country located at the southern tip of the African continent. It is a popular tourist destination due to its diverse landscape and array of wildlife. The flight from the UK to South Africa is around eleven hours. This may seem like a long time, but it is worth it when […]

  • how long from uk to south africa

    South Africa is a large country located at the southern tip of the African continent. It is bordered by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and has a population of over 55 million people. The capital city is Pretoria, with Johannesburg and Cape Town being the largest cities. The official languages are Afrikaans, English, isiZulu, isiXhosa, […]

  • How much does it cost to send a package to South Africa?

    How much does it cost to send a package to South Africa?

  • Township Location

    Despite their origins in apartheid South Africa, today the terms township, location and informal settlement are not used pejoratively. Most towns and cities will have at least one township associated with them. Today they are often viewed as just one of the many suburbs that an urban area might have. Tourists should not be misled […]