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  • At what age can a child make their own decisions in South Africa?

    In South Africa, the legal age of majority is 18. This means that, in the eyes of the law, children under the age of 18 are not yet considered to be adults. This means that they are not legally allowed to make their own decisions about things like their education, their finances, or their medical […]

  • How do I get a working visa for UK from South Africa?

    It’s actually quite easy to get a working visa for the UK from South Africa. The first step is to make sure that you have a valid passport from your country of citizenship. If you don’t have a passport, you’ll need to get one before you can apply for a working visa. Once you have […]

  • Le Govan Mbeki

    Govan Mbeki (1910 – 2001) was born in the Transkei in the Eastern Cape. He is the father of Thabo Mbeki. Mbeki spent the better part of his early Xhosa life in the Transkei and came to gain a first hand knowledge of the conditions and problems facing rural African in the area, a phenomenon […]

  • Unionbuildings

    Sir Herbert Baker was appointed as the architect of this 275m long building and had it built in the English monumental style from light sandstone. Meintjies Kop was chosen as the site for his design which was inspired by the Acropolis of Athens. This site was a disused quarry and the existing excavations were used […]

  • how long must a spouse be gone to get a divorce in south africa

    In South Africa, the divorce process can take up to two years. However, if both parties agree on the terms of the divorce, it can be finalized in as little as six months. The divorce process in South Africa is usually initiated by the husband, who must file for divorce at the local court. The […]

  • How do I qualify for expat tax?

    There are a few requirements you’ll need to meet before you can qualify for expat tax in South Africa. First, you’ll need to have been a resident of the UK for at least 183 days in the tax year. Second, you’ll need to have been employed in South Africa for at least 91 days in […]

  • how to get a work visa for uk from south africa

    It is fairly easy to obtain a work visa for the UK from South Africa. The process can be completed in a few simple steps: 1. Determine whether you need a visa. If you are a South African citizen, you will need a visa to work in the UK. If you are a citizen of […]

  • Do expats pay tax in South Africa?

    Yes, expats do pay tax in South Africa. The South African Revenue Service (SARS) requires all residents to file a tax return, regardless of whether they are employed or not. This includes expatriates who have come to work in South Africa on a temporary basis. The tax rates in South Africa are progressive, which means […]

  • How can I avoid paying tax in South Africa?

    There are a number of ways to avoid paying tax in South Africa. Here are a few tips: 1. Make use of the many tax deductions and exemptions available. 2. Invest in tax-efficient investments such as Unit Trusts and Exchange Traded Funds. 3. Use a tax-free savings account to save for your future. 4. Consider […]

  • how long will south africa survive?: the looming crisis

    It is no secret that South Africa is facing some serious challenges. The economy is struggling, crime is high, and political tensions are running high. Many people are wondering how long South Africa will survive. The truth is, no one knows for sure. South Africa is a complex country with a lot of problems. However, […]