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  • Springbok

    Springbok, originally called Springbokfontein after the many antelope that visited the area, was laid out in 1862 around a small hillock in the middle of the valley. The first white expedition was in 1685 by Simon van der Stel, governor of the Cape of Good Hope established 33 years earlier by the Dutch East India […]

  • How many times have Wales beat Springboks?

    Wales and South Africa have a long and storied history, with the two nations playing each other a total of 32 times since 1906. Wales have been victorious on 15 occasions, while the Springboks have come out on top 17 times. The most recent encounter between the two sides was in November 2018, when Wales […]

  • How did the Springboks get their name?

    The Springboks are the national rugby team of South Africa, and are one of the strongest teams in the world. They have won the Rugby World Cup twice, in 1995 and 2007, and are currently ranked as the third best team in the world. The team gets its name from the national animal of South […]

  • Eagles Others

    African Hawk Eagle and Ayres’ Eagle Afrikaans: Jagarend and Kleinjagarend respectively The bold black spotting on the white underparts, extending on to the belly and legs, help differentiate the Ayres’ Eagle from the African Hawk Eagle. The African Hawk Eagle is easily identified in flight: a dark central stripe which runs from the wing base […]

  • Has England ever beaten South Africa rugby?

    Has England ever beaten South Africa rugby?

  • Has Japan ever beaten South Africa rugby?

    It is a little-known fact that Japan actually has a winning record against South Africa in rugby union, with four wins to South Africa’s three. The most recent of these was in 2015, when Japan pulled off a stunning upset by beating the Springboks in their own backyard. While Japan may not be a traditional […]

  • Has Wales won in South Africa?

    It is always fantastic to see two great rugby nations going head to head, and even more so when one of those nations is Wales. Unfortunately, Wales have not yet won in South Africa, but there have been some close matches between the two teams over the years. In 2008, Wales came within a whisker […]

  • How many times has England beaten South Africa rugby?

    Since the game of rugby was invented in England, it’s no surprise that they’ve had a lot of success against South Africa on the rugby field. In fact, England has beaten South Africa a total of 28 times in international rugby matches. This includes a string of victories in the early 1900s, when rugby was […]

  • Hawks

    African Goshawk Afrikaans: Afrikaanse sperwer Might be confused with the Cuckoo Hawk but has short, rounded wings and long yellow legs, whereas when in flight the Cuckoo Hawk appears more falcon-shaped. General colour resembles closely the Little Sparrowhawk, but its greater size and lack of white tail spots distinguish this species. Habitat: Common in thick […]

  • How many times have Wales played South Africa?

    Since their first meeting in 1906, Wales and South Africa have played each other a total of 33 times. Wales have won 18 of those matches, while South Africa have won 14. There has been one draw between the two nations. Wales and South Africa have a long and storied history, with their first match […]