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  • how much is tv licence 2020 in south africa

    TV licence fees in South Africa are set to increase in 2020, with the SABC proposing a hike of between 4.5% and 6.5%. This means that the annual cost of a TV licence will go up by between R62 and R85. The SABC has attributed the proposed increase to the need to cover the costs […]

  • Goldengate

    Golden Gate Highlands National Park has spectacular sandstone cliffs, surrounded by wooded ravines, gullies and grasslands. A public road runs through the park which makes it easy to see the beauty of the cliffs if you are passing through, or to stay longer if you can. From Ribbokkop, the highest point in the park, you […]

  • Owls Typical

    Cape Eagle Owl Afrikaans = Kaapse Ooruil Not easily distinguished from the more common Spotted Eagle Owl. It has brown blotching on the breast forming two distinct dark areas. (h 48-54cm) Habitat: The Cape Eagle Owl is found in rocky and mountainous terrain. Rarer in the northern parts of South Africa. Giant Eagle Owl Afrikaans […]

  • how to join ambitiouz entertainment

    If you are an aspiring musician in the UK and are looking for a way to get your music career off the ground, then you should consider joining Ambitiouz Entertainment. This South African record label is home to some of the best up-and-coming artists in the music industry, and they are always looking for new […]

  • how to enter the voice south africa 2020

    South Africa is a beautiful country with a rich culture and history. If you’re thinking about entering the Voice South Africa 2020, here’s what you need to know! The Voice South Africa is a singing competition that is open to people of all ages. The competition is divided into two categories: the Solo Category and […]

  • Deaar

    De Aar, originally the name of a a small Karoo farm, means  ‘the artery’ because of the life-sustaining underground water courses. In 1881 a portion of the De Aar farm  was purchased to establish a junction for the new Cape Town to Kimberley railway. It was called Brounger Junction after the railway engineer William Brounger, […]

  • Tankwakaroo

    Tankwa Karoo National Park is still in a development and veld recovery phase. Even so, after the occasional shower, the park erupts into a dazzling display of flowering succulents. With an average rainfall of 80mm a year, even a scant shower is reason for nature to celebrate. This 80,000 ha park protects one of the […]