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  • Malaria

    Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium which are transmitted by mosquitoes. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria. You can only contract malaria by being bitten by an infected mosquito. With modern insect repellents and some common sense you can reduce the chances of being bitten […]

  • Vultures

    Bearded Vulture Afrikaans = Baardaasvoël Shape in flight is unlike any other in the region: the long narrow pointed wings and long wedge-shaped tail make the bird resemble a huge falcon. The adult is mainly dark above and rust-coloured underparts and has a black mask across the face, terminating in a black ‘beard’. Habitat: The […]

  • how much to ship a car from south africa

    It’s easy to ship a car from South Africa to the UK. The process is simple and straightforward, and there are a few things you need to know before you get started. Firstly, you’ll need to choose a shipping company that’s reputable and has experience in shipping cars from South Africa to the UK. There […]

  • how many murders in south africa 2016

    It is estimated that there were over 20,000 murders in South Africa in 2016. This is a very high number, but it is important to remember that South Africa is a very large country with a population of over 55 million people. This means that the murder rate in South Africa is actually quite low […]

  • how many true crime south africa are there

    There are plenty of true crime stories in South Africa that will keep you on the edge of your seat. From grisly murders to shocking robberies, there is no shortage of tales of crime and intrigue in this country. Whether you’re looking for a good read or a case to keep you up at night, […]

  • Hiking Trails

    Click here to see a map of the Free State Bald Ibis Trail This trail has been in existence for several years and must rank as one of the best weekend backpack trails. It is a lovely trail but certainly one that can be considered quite strenuous. If you consider that the backpacking route might […]

  • Driving Road Safety

    Basic driving regulations You MUST drive on the left hand side of the road. You MUST always have your driving licence with you when driving. You MUST always wear a seatbelt. You MUST be 18 years or older to drive. You MUST take it in turns to move off at a 4-way stop (more…) You […]

  • Diarrhoea

    Things to avoid On the whole, South Africa has very good mains water supplies. Don’t drink tap water unless you are certain it is from a safe mains supply. Don’t even brush your teeth in it or use it to make ice. Instead, drink bottled water, fizzy drinks, or hot coffee or tea made with […]

  • how much is a meal in south africa

    A meal in South Africa is very affordable, especially if you are used to eating out in the UK. The average cost of a meal in a restaurant is around R60-70 (about £3-4), and you can easily find cheaper meals if you eat at local cafes or street stalls. Even a meal at a nicer […]

  • How do I make a telephone call to South Africa?

    It’s easy to make a telephone call to South Africa from the UK, and there are a few different ways to do it. The most popular way is to use a calling card, which you can buy from most newsagents and convenience stores. Calling cards usually have a PIN number on them, which you’ll need […]