how did gandhi protest against registration card in south africa

In 1893, Mohandas Gandhi was living in South Africa, where he was working as a lawyer. At that time, the government of the British colony of Natal introduced a law requiring all Indians living in the colony to carry a registration card. Gandhi strongly objected to this law, and he decided to protest against it.

Gandhi began his protest by refusing to register himself. He was arrested and sentenced to three months in jail. After his release, he continued his protest by organizing a campaign of civil disobedience. This campaign included a mass protest march from Natal to the Transvaal, a province of South Africa. The march was stopped by the police, and Gandhi was again arrested.

This time, he was sentenced to nine months in jail. Gandhi continued his protest from jail, writing articles and letters protesting the registration law. He also went on a hunger strike to draw attention to his cause.

Finally, in 1914, the British government agreed to repeal the registration law. This was a major victory for Gandhi and the Indian community in South Africa. It showed that peaceful protests could be effective in bringing about social change.

Gandhi’s protests against the registration card in South Africa were part of his larger campaign of civil disobedience against the British government. The registration card was required of all Indian residents in South Africa and was used to track and control their movement. Gandhi believed that the card was unjust and an infringement on the rights of Indian residents. He organized a series of protests and acts of civil disobedience to oppose the card, including a march to the sea to collect salt in defiance of the government’s monopoly on salt production. The protests led to the passage of a law exempting Indians from the registration requirement, but Gandhi continued to oppose the card and other discriminatory laws. In 1915, he was arrested and jailed for his protests.

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