how many farmers murdered in south africa

Since the end of apartheid in 1994, South Africa has been working hard to improve race relations and promote economic development. Unfortunately, the country has been plagued by crime, and the murder rate is among the highest in the world. In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of farm murders, with many farmers being targeted for their land and belongings.

The South African government has been working to address the problem, but the situation remains dire. In 2016, there were 73 farm murders, and the number rose to 81 in 2017. This increase is especially alarming considering that the overall murder rate in South Africa has been on the decline.

Farmers in South Africa have been living in fear, and many have been forced to take measures to protect themselves. Some have even left the country altogether. The situation is tragic, and it’s clear that something needs to be done to stop the violence.

The South African government is taking steps to improve security for farmers, but more needs to be done. The government needs to do more to investigate and prosecute those responsible for farm murders. In addition, the country needs to address the underlying problems that lead to such violence. Only then will the situation improve.The number of farmers murdered in South Africa is a highly contested topic. The South African government does not release official statistics on farm murders, and the lack of reliable data has led to a great deal of debate and speculation. The most commonly cited figure is that approximately 70 farmers are murdered each year, although some estimates are as high as 400. The vast majority of these murders are believed to be motivated by robbery, and the victims are often tortured or mutilated before being killed. The South African government has been accused of downplaying the problem of farm murders, and there is little doubt that the true extent of the problem is not fully known. However, there is no question that farm murders are a serious problem in South Africa, and the lack of reliable data makes it difficult to assess the true extent of the problem.

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