how much to call south africa

It’s easy to stay in touch with loved ones back home in the UK when you’re in South Africa – and it’s not as expensive as you might think. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your calls back home.

First, consider using a calling card. These can be bought in most convenience stores and supermarkets, and will give you a much better rate than using your mobile phone’s standard minutes.

If you’re using your mobile, it’s worth checking with your network provider to see if they offer any special rates for calling the UK. Many do, so it’s definitely worth investigating.

Another option is to use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service such as Skype or Viber. These allow you to make calls over the internet, so as long as you have a good internet connection you’ll be able to enjoy clear calls without paying any international calling charges.

Finally, remember that the time difference between South Africa and the UK can work to your advantage. If it’s daytime in the UK, it’s nighttime in South Africa, so you may be able to catch your friends and family during their lunch break or in the evening when rates are usually lower.

Whatever option you choose, staying in touch with loved ones back home doesn’t have to be expensive – and with a little planning it can be really easy.

Calling South Africa from the UK

Whether you are calling a South African landline or mobile phone, the process is simple. Just dial the exit code for the UK (00), followed by the country code for South Africa (27), and then the local number. For example, to call a landline in Johannesburg, you would dial 00 + 27 + 11 + the local number.

To call a mobile phone in South Africa, simply dial the exit code for the UK (00), followed by the country code for South Africa (27), and then the mobile phone number. For example, to call a mobile phone in Cape Town, you would dial 00 + 27 + 21 + the mobile phone number.

The cost of calling South Africa from the UK will depend on your phone service provider and the type of call you make. For example, calls to landlines in South Africa are typically cheaper than calls to mobile phones. Additionally, many phone service providers offer discounts or special rates for calling South Africa.

If you are unsure about how much it will cost to call South Africa from the UK, you can always ask your phone service provider for more information.

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