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South Africa Holiday: African Fish Eagle

South Africa Holiday: African Fish Eagle & Osprey

Charismatic, colourful and with a voice to die for, the African Fish Eagle has all the qualities required to make lasting wilderness memories.

The Osprey is the most proficient of the fish-eating raptors, plunging vertically to seize its prey well below the surface.


African Fish Eagle

Afrikaans: Visarend
Apart from its haunting call, the adult African Fish Eagle is unmistakable with its white head and breast, chestnut belly and forewings, black wings and white tail.
South Africa Holiday: African Fish Eagle
Overall impression in flight is of a large, broad-winged eagle with a short tail.
South Africa Holiday: African Fish Eagle
Habitat: Aquatic: large rivers, lakes and dams. Coastal in some regions where it frequents estuaries and lagoons. Found throughout South Africa except in the extreme dry west.


Afrikaans: Visvalk
Flight outline resembles that of a huge gull with white underwings, black patches at carpal joints and diagnostic black mask on white head.
South Africa Holiday: Osprey
Might be confused with immature African Fish Eagle as it is found in similar habitat, but the latter is a larger bird with broad wings and a very short tail.
South Africa Holiday: Osprey
Habitat: Inland freshwater bodies, estuaries and lagoons, rarely fishing over open sea. Uncommon summer visitor found throughout the south and east.
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