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South Africa Holiday: Snake Eagles and Bateleur

The Black-breasted Snake Eagle is fairly common in the arid west. In contrast to its more sedentary woodland equivalent, the Brown Snake Eagle, it is an aerial species and hunts smaller snakes from a soaring or hovering position.

The Bateleur is an established icon of the Kalahari savannah.


Brown snake eagle

Afrikaans: Bruinslangarend
South Africa Holiday: Brown snake eagleDistinguished from all other dark brown eagles by having unfeathered yellow legs.
Habitat: Thornveld in the east and northern central and eastern parts of South Africa.

Black-breasted snake eagle

Afrikaans: Swartbosslangarend
In flight it resembles most closely the Martial Eagle, but differs by having white under-wings, with primaries and secondaries barred black. At rest the large, dark-coloured head shows exceptionally large, bright yellow eyes.
Habitat: Frequents a wide range of habitats throughout South Africa except in the extreme south.


Afrikaans: Berghaan
The most easily identifiable eagle in southern Africa. The black, white and chestnut plumage combined with long wings and very short tail render this bird unmistakable.
The Bateleur is an unusually sociable eagle, often seen in pairs preening each other.
Flight action is diagnostic , with long wings held slightly angled, rarely flapping, it flies direct, canting from side to side.
Habitat: Open thornveld and semi-desert in the north from the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park round to the Kruger National Park. Avoids dense evergreen forests.
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