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South Africa Holiday: Barn Owls

Barn Owls (family Tytonidae) are one of the two generally accepted families of owls, the other being the Typical Owls. South Africa provides fantastic opportunities to see two species of Barn Owl.


Common Barn Owl

Afrikaans = Nonnetjie-uil
This golden buff and white owl is paler than the Grass Owl. The heart-shaped white facial disc shows the unusually small black eyes. (h 34cm)
Habitat: The Common Barn Owl is found near human habitation but also roosts in caves. It is commonly seen throughout South Arica.

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Grass Owl

Afrikaans = Grasuil
Similar to the Common Barn Owl, but has much darker underparts which contrast with its white upperparts. (h 36cm)
Habitat: The African Grass Owl is found in grassy marshes and long grasslands but avoids thick strands of reed beds. It is found in the southern and eastern parts of South Africa.
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