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South Africa Holiday: Ladybrand

Ladybrand is a small agricultural town in the Free State. Situated close to the Lesotho border, Ladybrand offers tourists spectacular mountain scenery and a base to visit the Golden Gate National Park and Eastern Highlands.

Following Boer settlement in the area, Ladybrand was one of the frontier towns established by the Voortrekkers to protect the ‘conquered territories’ taken from the Basotho in the war of 1865.
Ladybrand began in 1869 as a cave church in which the Anglican Society conducted services.
Ladybrand was named after Lady Catharina Brand, wife of Sir Christoffel Brand, first speaker of the Cape legislative assembly, and mother of Johannes Brand, fourth President of the Orange Free State.
In March 1900 during the Anglo-Boer war (1899-1902) the British occupied Ladybrand. They were soon defeated by a Boer Commando and the siege of the town was lifted within a matter of days.
Ladybrand is known as the "Gateway to a Kingdom" as it is the main thoroughfare to Lesotho and its capitol Maseru.
The town falls within the Mantsopa Municipal District which is renowned for its sandstone mountains with scenic beauty.
Today Ladybrand offers tourists spectacular mountain scenery and a good base from which to visit the Golden Gate Highlands National Park and the Eastern Highlands.
The sandstone caves have proof of ancient civilizations and dinosaurs that roamed the valley having left their footprints in the sandstone. The many places of paleontological and archaeological significance dating back millions of years enthralling all who visit them.
The area is replete with stone age implements. Most mountains in the area are capped with sandstone cliffs, where many caves have been found adorned with San paintings. In 1934 the fossilised remains of Diathrognatus (then thought to be the evolutionary link between reptiles and mammals) was found close to Ladybrand.
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