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South Africa Holiday: De Aar attracts hang gliding enthusiasts from all over southern Africa

South Africa Holiday: De Aar

De Aar is a busy town in the Northern Cape's Karroo. Originally built as a railway junction between Cape Town and Kimberley, it now serves as a centre for paragliding enthusiasts across South Africa.

De Aar, originally the name of a a small Karoo farm, means  ‘the artery’ because of the life-sustaining underground water courses.
Click to see a detailed map of De Aar and the Northern CapeIn 1881 a portion of the De Aar farm  was purchased to establish a junction for the new Cape Town to Kimberley railway.
South Africa Holiday: De Aar railway station still has steam trains passing throughIt was called Brounger Junction after the railway engineer William Brounger, but the name soon reverted back to the name of the farm. For much of the 20th century it was the second-most important railway junction in South Africa.
South Africa Holiday: Steam train in the Karroo near de AarThe area surrounding the town is popular for hunting, despite the fact that the region is arid.
There are ancient Khoisan rock engravings nearby on the Brandfontein farm.
In the town the "Garden of Remembrance", honours British troops killed in the Anglo-Boer War.

South Africa Holiday: Enjoy dining out at the the Olive Schreiner House restuarant in De AarOlive Schreiner, the famous author and feminist who wrote Women and Labour, lived in De Aar with her husband Samuel Cronwright from 1907 to 1913. Their house, a national monument on the corner of Crund Linch and Van Zyl Street, is now a restaurant.
These days De Aar is particularly well known for its paragliding school, attracting hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts from all over Southern Africa and Europe.
South Africa Holiday: The airdrome at De Aar has four runways to deal with a range of wind directionsThe airdrome has four runways to deal with a range of wind directions. Pilots are launched with a "payout" winch fixed on the back of a vehicle. A mountain launch is also available. The surrounding area is abundant semi-desert landscape with plenty of landing options. Roads in all directions make for easy recovery once you land.
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