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There is no better place in the world to have a holiday than South Africa. For independent information, advice and facts about going on holiday to South Africa visit southafricaholiday.org.uk
South Africa Holiday: Augrabies Falls

South Africa Holiday: Augrabies Falls National Park

Augrabies Falls National Park is in the Northern Cape of South Africa. It is here, on the Orange River, that Africa’s second largest waterfall thunders down into a granite gorge in a spectacular display.

Augrabies Falls National Park covers an area of 820 km² along the Orange River. The 60 meter high waterfall is awe-inspiring when the river is in flood. The gorge below the falls is 240 meters deep and runs for 18 kilometres.
South Africa Holiday: The Orange River gorge at Augrabies Falls
The early Khoikhoi inhabitants called it Ankoerebis, meaning "place of big noises", from which the Voortrekkers later on derived the name Augrabies.
There are many deposits of alluvial diamonds along the Orange River. Legend has it that the biggest cache of diamonds in the world lies in the swirling hole eroded into the granite at the foot of the waterfall.

South African National Parks runs a variety of overnight accommodation at its main rest camp. We recommend that you spend at least two nights (giving you a full day in the park). Always book in advance (click on the map opposite to visit SANParks™ website).
The most characteristic plant in the park is the giant aloe (Aloe dichotoma). Perfectly adapted to the dry semi-desert rocky areas found in the Nama-Karoo, the giant aloe is able to withstand the extreme temperatures and the infertile soil.
It is also known as the quiver tree (kokerboom) because the Bushmen (San) used the soft branches to make quivers for their arrows.
South Africa Holiday: Rainbow Nation - Augrabies Falls National ParkThe eye-catching silhouette of the quiver tree is typical of this part of the Northern Cape. When the tree flowers in the winter, flocks of birds are attracted to their copious nectar, and baboons can be seen tearing the flowers apart to get the sweet liquor.
Link to South African National Parks - Augrabies Falls
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