Port Nolloth was originally known by the Nama people as ‘Aukwatowa’ (‘place where the water took the old man away’).
This isolated little port has a distinctive atmosphere, with hardy characters and a unique history. A cluster of houses overlook the calm waters of the small harbour, enclosed by reefs and pretty beaches.
Today diamond dredgers and fishing trawlers etched against sunsets, clean beaches and the occasional antics of seals are made the more pleasant by good line-fishing and fresh crayfish. Nama culture can be seen at Lekkersing north of Port Nolloth.
Local guides from black township of  Sizamile (“We have tried” in Xhosa) will take you on a walking tour of Porth Nolloth, during which they will fill you in on the settlement’s rich history, cultural and social challenges and recent developments.
Originally known as Robbebaai (seal bay) because of the many seals found here, this cove became known to White settlers at the time of the copper-rush in the 1850s.
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Surveyed by Captain Nolloth in 1854, the cove was felt to be a practical natural harbour from which copper ore could be shipped. The harbour was named after him and in 1855 the new town was laid out.
Later, the opening of a railway line between Okiep (O’okiep) and Port Nolloth in 1873, caused nearby Hondeklip Bay to quickly decline in population and loose its status as the magisterial district in 1877.
The harbour proved to be impractical as only small vessels could enter the narrow breach. The railway line to Port Nolloth was eventually closed in 1944 after unsuccessful attempts to improve it and the copper ore was transported by rail direct to Cape Town for shipment.
The discovery of diamonds in 1926 gave Port Nolloth a new lease of life.
Port Nolloth is a great base for exploring the Diamond Coast and the Richtersveld Transfrontier Park.

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