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  • Wessels

    Away fro city life… I met a European couple (the guy from the Netherlands and the girl from UK) in Australia a couple of years ago. They are now planning to come visit South Africa later this year and I thought it may be useful for European travellers to hear a South African’s opinion of […]

  • Crawford

    Western Cape Province Cape Town, with magnificent Table Mountain as its backdrop, has forged an enviable reputation as one of the world’s premier tourism destinations. Not only has the Mother City breathtaking scenery, exquisite beaches, Robben Island, world-class golf courses, superb restaurants and a rich history, making it a sophisticated and cosmopolitan destination, but the […]

  • Eilertsen Harley

    The Bike There are some brand icons one cannot ignore e.g. Cola Cola, Microsoft, Nike and Harley-Davidson, to name a few. I have intimate knowledge of the first three but have never ridden a Harley. Fact is, I will probably never own one, as our first love is trail riding, far from the well-established network […]

  • Pretorius

    Lazy Sunday afternoons… On warm Sundays at dusk, Capetonians can be found splayed across well-manicured lawns enjoying the music performance of the day. Their surroundings, none other than thousands of indigenous fynbos species beautifully preserved thanks to the likes of Professor Pearson, the garden’s first director, and many others dedicated to protecting unique indigenous varietals. […]

  • Marks

    Transition… Only 13 odd years ago, South Africa appeared on the world stage on a daily basis, unfortunately it was all negative publicity and rightly so. South Africa was in the process of major changes from the old ‘Apartheid Regime’ to the new democratically elected government, the government that is still in power today. South […]

  • Kaiserclark

    November 16 – 18 I’m now in Cape Town, South Africa! After being jazzed with such a fantastic film experience and meeting new friends, I knew I could not let it stop when we wrapped (see Kaiser Clark’s previous article on his own Blog). So the first thing that came to mind was seeing a […]