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There is no better place in the world to have a holiday than South Africa. For independent information, advice and facts about going on holiday to South Africa visit southafricaholiday.org.uk
South Africa Holiday: Table Mountain keeps watch over Cape Town

South Africa Holiday: Cape Town's Climate

Cape Town in South Africa's Western Cape enjoys a long summers (November to March). Winter (Jun to Aug) has a reputation for rain and wind, but often produces perfect sunny days.

Cape Town enjoys a long summer from November to March. This is the driest season, often with 11 hours sunshine each day and long sunny evenings. Cape Town summers are infamous for their south-easterly winds. If the wind does blow and you’re after a suntan, mornings are usually much less windy and certain beaches (e.g. Boulders, Clifton) are more protected than others.

Sun & Temperature

Month Average Sunlight (hours) Temperature
Min Max
Jan 11 16 26
Feb 10 16 26
March 9 14 25
April 8 12 22
May 6 9 19
June 6 8 18
July 6 7 17
Aug 7 8 18
Sept 8 9 18
Oct 9 11 21
Nov 10 13 23
Dec 11 14 24
Spring (September and October) and autumn (April and May) are when many tourists visit Cape Town. These “in-between seasons” are less windy. The spring is best for whale watching and the flowers, whereas autumn is great for seeing the vineyards at their best.
Cape Town winters (June to August) have a reputation for rain and wind, but often produce perfect days or even weeks. When it’s not raining the winter is a perfect green season with daytime temperatures often reaching 20°C or higher.

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Humidity and Rainfall

Month Relative humidity Average Rainfall (mm) Wet Days
am pm
Jan 72 54 15 3
Feb 77 54 8 2
March 85 57 18 3
April 90 60 48 6
May 91 65 79 9
June 91 64 84 9
July 91 67 89 10
Aug 90 65 66 9
Sept 87 62 43 7
Oct 79 58 31 5
Nov 74 56 18 3
Dec 71 54 10 3
In South African the school summer holidays run from early December to mid January. Many South Africans visit Cape Town during this period and book their visit months in advance. Restaurants may be full and accommodation scarce, so you should plan holiday well in advance, and be prepared for lots of company. The Easter period is also a peak holiday time for South Africans.
There is an old joke which says that “Cape Town has four seasons, sometimes all in the same day”. It is worth checking the weather forecast locally in the papers or on radio. Also, if you wake up in the morning and Table Mountain is clear; go up it that morning because it may be covered in cloud in the afternoon or for several days to come.
Cape Town hosts many national and international events. It may be worth checking these out when planning your holiday, you may want to participate or to avoid these events. Remember, these events can make it harder to get accommodation or eat out at short notice. Visit the official Cape Town calendar of events to see what's on.
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