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South Africa Holiday: Sunset on the outskirts of Kimberley

South Africa Holiday: Kimberley's Climate

Kimberley in South Africa's Northern Cape has a delightful sunny climate, neither humid nor too hot for comfort. Summer (October to March), offers hot African sunshine in the day followed by warm evenings.

Kimberley is in a semi-arid region with little rainfall, hot summers and chilly winters.
Summer days (October to March) are hot, though rarely to the point of discomfort, and evenings are comfortably warm.


Month Temperature
Min Max
Jan 18 33
Feb 17 31
March 15 29
April 11 25
May 7 21
June 3 18
July 3 19
Aug 5 21
Sept 9 26
Oct 12 28
Nov 15 30
Dec 17 31
This is a summer-rainfall region and between November and February summer thunderstorms produce flashes of lightning and brief but torrential afternoon downpours (with occasional hail).

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Month Average Rainfall (mm) Wet Days
Jan 57 10
Feb 76 10
March 65 10
April 49 8
May 16 3
June 7 3
July 7 2
Aug 7 2
Sept 12 3
Oct 30 6
Nov 42 8
Dec 46 8
There are about ten weeks of chill in winter (June to August). The days are warm, occasionally up to 24°C, but the evenings are cold with frequent frosts at night.
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