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South Africa Holiday: Road junctions

In addition to standard road junctions with stop signs, South African roads also use robots (traffic lights), and 3 and 4-way stop streets. Roundabouts are rare, but the procedure for using these is the same as in the UK.

Procedure at robots (traffic lights)

In South Africa, traffic lights are called "robots". They operate in almost the same way as in the UK, but with a few important differences.
  1. If you are turning left or right, you should give way to pedestrians crossing the road on the left or right.
  2. A flashing green arrow indicates you may turn in the direction indicated.
  3. A flashing red arrow on your left indicates that you may turn if no other traffic is approaching.
  4. A steady red or green arrow indicates that you may proceed with caution.
  5. When traffic lights are out of order, treat the intersection as a stop-street.

Procedure at a stop street

These junctions involve three or four streets coming together, and each vehicle taking it in turn to move forward, dependent on the order in which they reached the stop line.
  1. Even if you are the only vehicle approaching the stop street, you must always come to a complete stop before proceeding.
  2. If there are any other vehicles at the stop line on their respective street, they each have the right of way before it is your turn.
  3. If you stop at the same time as another vehicle, common courtesy applies and either vehicle may proceed first.
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